Custom senior pictures
You need senior pictures. 
Who would you rather work with...

A photographer that has been doing the same photo shoots for years;

- or -

One that will take the time to custom design your photo shoot, and your senior portraits around you and your personality?


You're anything but ordinary.

You strive to be different.

You have a

Story to Tell

Your Senior Portraits should help you tell that story!

I'm Sandy Flint.  I've been fascinated with senior portraits ever since I had mine taken “way-back-when”. I was big (BIG) into magic.  I performed my first grand illusion (The Vanishing lady) when I was just 14 years old and started winning state and national competitions when I was 16.

Sandy Flint - Magic
Check it out, I even had my own fan club!


It was an AMAZING time in my life, and I wanted Senior Pictures that paid tribute to it.

But my photographer didn't sit down with us before my photo shoot, so we didn't share a common vision.

I didn't get what I was looking for, but my parents got the “standard” portraits of me...

  • laying on the floor with my hand on my chin
  • sitting in a chair with my hand on my chin
  • standing next to a bush - not with my hand on my chin - thankfully.

I don't want this to happen to you.

Senior pictures should celebrate your
Interests and Passion.

But Mom & Dad have needs too.

They're probably looking for images they can give to Grandma Irene without her yelling

“What the  <%$@!>  is she standing on, and why is she dressed like that?”
-Grandma Irene

So, we're going to be sure you get images that Mom loves too!  Ones she will be proud to share with family.

How do we meet both of your needs?

It all starts with our Pre-Session consult:

This is when I sit down and visit with you and your mom before you even book a photo shoot.

You'll get to know me, and learn about my approach to senior pictures.

And I'll get to know you, and learn about things like...

  • the sports you play
  • your passion for the environment
  • and that crazy obsession you have with shark movies!

This is also where we'll build that common vision for your senior portraits.

The really cool thing about this whole process is that, when we're done, you'll know if we're a good fit. If so - GREAT, we'll plan an awesome photo shoot.

But if you don't think we are a match, no problem!

 "I am not a good photographer for everyone. Being “good” for everyone means I'm not GREAT for anyone. I want to be GREAT for you."

-Sandy Flint

So, Let's talk!

I'll show you some of the cool work I've done for other seniors.

We can put our crazy hats on and brainstorm some photo shoot ideas - and how those ideas will help us create the senior portraits both you and your parents are going to absolutely love!

It's the first step to creating extraordinary senior portraits!

Besides, this little chat costs you zero. Zip. Nothing.

Plus, you will leave with a clear understanding of what you are looking for in your senior pictures - no matter which photographer you choose!

Give me a call and let's get started!  We'll spend just a few minutes on the phone, and if it looks like we may be a good fit, we'll schedule your very own design consultation.

I look forward to talking with you!

Sandy Flint
Photographer, Artist, Proprietor

Everything we do starts with a complimentary design consultation. Schedule yours today:


Give us a call to schedule your consultation:

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