This senior wanted the most creative senior pictures in Houston

Some seniors just stand out.  You know the type: creative, funny, maybe just a little bit crazy.  That was definitely the case with Valerie!

A Senior at The Village School, Valerie has a a lot of passion:  passion for dance and movement; for laughing and having a good time; and for her favorite dude - Harry Potter.



Passion is one of the things we look for in creating senior pictures.  The more dedicated a senior is to something, the more likely we want to explore it in their Senior Photo Shoot.

We started off with a little Harry Potter idea.  Nothing too elaborate, but something magical like the stories.  (There is one little "hidden mistake" in this image.  Can you spot it?)

Senior pictures in Houston

One of our favorite style of photo shoots to do with senior is the Fashion Photo Shoot.  With techniques takes right from our fashion experience, we mad sure she felt just like a real runway/fashion model.  Valerie had so much fun we just couldn't stop and we ended up with this fun, unique collection of senior portraits.

Senior pictures in Houston

These portraits had so much personality and fun in them, we put a whole lot of them onto our new 3-d wall displays.

So just in case we weren't already having way too much fun, this girl busted out the dance moves!  With an interest in both classical and modern, and her ever-present desire to have fun, this gave us the opportunity to really showcase her passion, her personality, and her point shoes!

Extreme Dance Photo

Amazing, beautiful and passionate: she loved that her senior pictures match her style and personality.

For creative senior pictures in Houston, Fulshear, Katy, or the Greater Houston area, please give us a call.

Sandy Flint
Portrait Artist

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