High School Class of 2019

Be a part of our Exclusive Photo Shoot

Each year, we stage an epic photo shoot to kick off the Senior Class portrait season.  It's an  over-the-top photo shoot designed to showcase the new products and services we're rolling out for that year's class.

Here's what we created with last year's class:


This is a full-day experience with individual photo shoots for each participant, as well as our signature group photo shoot!

Last year we included drones, special effects..and we surprised everyone with an amazing music video.

The shoot is like a movie set and the images are like nothing you will get anywhere else.


**Our Spring Class of 2019 Photo Shoot process is officially closed.  If you are interested any other photo shoots we **MAY**schedule, complete the form below! **

Thank youI!


What's this year's theme??

Well, we can't tell you that just yet.  That's a surprise.

What we can tell you is that this year...we're going to dress it up party style!

Senior pictures for guys Houston | Flint Photography

This is Not Just For the Girls!

We've designed this year's photo shoot to be a ton of fun for you too!

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The Deadline is March 23rd!
We have room for lots of Class of 2019 Seniors - so tell your friends!

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