Jeep Senior Pictures Katy Tx

"I want senior pictures with my Jeep."  Ok, Jeep Senior Pictures it is !

This senior is absolutely crazy about his Jeep.  Coming from a family of was  a surprise when he chose this orange one!  I mean, a family of Aggies was all hoping he would buy the maroon one!

He spent months fixing it up and tricking it out. Even though it was orange, his family still thought it was pretty amazing.  We couldn't agree more!

After all that work, he definitely wanted to include it in his senior portraits.

But he wanted more than "ordinary".  He wanted something really special.  Something that also spoke to the fun times he's had with friends down "muddin' in the river".

So we went out scouting and we found the perfect location for his senior photo shoot.

It rained like crazy the morning of the shoot, but by afternoon we had great weather, and, as he put it, this was "the perfect shot!"  He came away with several senior portraits including his Jeep.  He also got a few of the photographer falling into the river!  LOL

So, if you have a Jeep, we can create custom Jeep Senior Pictures just for you.  If you have another passion, let's create some special images around that instead.

Every senior portrait is 100% custom designed.  It all starts with a senior portrait design consultation where we'll brain storm ideas, get to know each other, and come away with some incredible ideas for your senior portraits.

Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation senior portrait design consultation.