Personalize your senior pictures with just a little planning!

Great senior picture ideas don't have to be a challenge!

Including your favorite activities in your senior pictures is one of the easiest and best ways to really personalize them. The things your are passionate about are a big part of what makes you...well, YOU!

We sit down with you and at least one of your parents to pre-design your senior portraits.  We'll talk about the things you love to do.  We're also going to find out what Mom is looking for.  Because what she is looking for is probably a little different than what the senior is looking for. Getting to know you helps us plan your photo shoot and really make your senior portraits special.  It's one of the main reasons we take the time to meet with each and every senior before they even book their photo shoot.

Hunting, four-wheeling, and being in the marching band - those are the favorite activities for this 2016 Cypress Ranch High School senior.  He wanted to be sure they were a part of his senior pictures.  So we customized everything about his photo shoot - including scouting and selecting the perfect location for his 4-wheeler and hunting portraits.

Most of our previous seniors with 4-wheelers had a farm or ranch where they liked to ride, but that wasn't the case with Mason.  We needed a rustic location that also brought out his hip, urban style.  So, before the shoot, we went location scouting and we came up with a great spot down in the river bottom of the Brazos river.  He loved the scouting photos we sent him, and that's when we finalized his photo shoot.

This location was great because it offered some diverse terrain - with sandy river bank and woods, plus a giant rusty steel bridge.  It turned out to be a great location.


To really pull it all together, in one outstanding image, we built this artistic senior composite, using the bridge as a storyboard for some of his favorite images!  This looked absolutely amazing printed on our high-tech metal.

When you are planning your senior pictures, be sure your photographer gets to know you.  They should also encourage you to include your favorite activities in your senior pictures.  We always do!

Project Details:

Cy Ranch High School Class of 2016 Senior Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot:  Extreme Artistic (3 hours)
Location:  Flint Photography Studio, and secret outdoor location

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Until next time!

-Sandy Flint

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