Senior Picture Ideas

Seven ideas to make your senior portraits unique.

Seniors tell us all the time that they want their senior portraits to be different from their friends.  They want senior pictures that celebrate their individuality and uniqueness.

So we put together some senior picture ideas that will help make your senior pictures stand out from the crowd!

Katy | Houston Senior Portraits by Flint PhotographyBring your friends.

One of the best parts of high school is sharing it with your friends. Your senior pictures shouldn't be any different. Kick off your senior year with a fun photo shoot with you and your friends, doing what you love to, sports, or whatever it is you enjoy doing together.

Our “Bring A Friend” allows a friend to join in for part of your session, while our Senior Safari is a great way to spend the day with several of your friends. You'll get beautiful group images that show you having fun together, as well and killer individual images at each stop along the way.

Bring your dog.

senior picture ideas - bring your pet

You love that four-legged fur ball more than you love bacon! So don't be shy about including them in your photo shoot. Just be sure you plan to include your pet with your photographer before the shoot. We photograph lots of seniors with their pets, and are happy to do the same for you, but we want to make sure that your pet is as prepared for the photo shoot as you are, so let's plan it ahead of time!

Bring your car!

That set of wheels is your pride and joy, and they'll be taking you on the first major journey of your life! So let's include them in your senior portraits! And don't think this is just for the guys. We photograph as many girls with their cars as we do guys!

Senior Portraits - Guys with Trucks|Jeeps|Cars

Sports Senior Pictures -cerative senior picture ideas

Bring your game.

Your sport has been a huge part of your high school career, and you want to celebrate what you've accomplished. From simple on-field shots to our Extreme Sports images - we've got you - and your sport - covered!

Bring Accessories.

unique-senior-portraits-katy-west-houstonOne of the easiest senior picture ideas is to the accessories or props you love! From those awesome shades that are “totally you”, to that necklace your grandmother gave you, accessories help make your senior pictures more personal and let your personality shine through.

Bring your passion.

You're a musician, dancer, or have a passion that drives you, and it defines who you are, so celebrate it!

Our Extreme Art and Extreme Sports images are artistic, creative, and designed specifically for seniors with passion.

Artistic senior picture composite for dance.

Bring your suitcase.

One of the newest, most popular senior picture ideas is the Destination Photo Shoot. So pack your bags because you off to the Caribbean, or NYC, or the Rocky Mountains for the photo shoot and experience of a lifetime!  Not only do you get epic senior portraits, but you get a vacation experience you will remember forever.

Hopefully these tips have sparked some ideas that you can incorporate into your senior portraits.

But if you're looking for more than just the basics, then you should be looking for a totally custom senior photo shoot.

All of our photo shoots are customized around your style, your personality, and your passion.

We start with a complimentary design consultation where we'll have the opportunity to get to know each other, and brainstorm some ideas so your photo shoot is more epic than you can imagine.

There's no obligation.  If you think we're a good fit, then we'll schedule your photo shoot and begin final planning.  If not, no problem.  At least you'll walk away with a lot more information about what you really want in your senior portraits.

Give us a call to schedule your custom designed consultation today!