Senior Pictures Katy Texas - why you shouldn't wait to have them made!

Fashion Senior Pictures Katy Texas

It's official - your sweet child has started their senior year of high school!

While it's exciting for the senior, it's probably bitter-sweet for you as a parent.  Because it's not just their senior year, it's their last "first day", their last homecoming, and in many cases, their last year at home.

Senior year also marks a lot of accomplishments.  They made it..and so did you!  That child you worked so hard to raise...just look at the fine young adult they have become.  It's a time to celebrate.

It's also one of those milestone events that deserves to be celebrated with amazing senior portraits.

If you didn't get senior pictures taken care of over the summer, then NOW is the time to get them done!

You want to get senior pictures created while your child is still excited about being a senior!

You thought summer was busy.

But you're probably already feeling the schedule ramp up with fall school activities.  Before you know it, the holidays will be here, followed by 2-3 months of dreary, cold, grey weather.

When spring finally hits, it's March (or even April) and your senior has lost all interest in anything to do with being a high school senior.  They now have they sights planted firmly on college, the military, or whatever their post graduation plans are!

Senior portraits are as much for you as they are for them.  High school seniors don't always realize this.  They also don't understand how important those photographs will be to them as they get older.

So, for the best chance to get incredible portraits if your senior - do them when they are most excited about being a senior!

To help our high school clients get really pumped up having portraits made - we make the session all about them.  From custom locations to exploring their interests and passion!

There are lots of options for beautiful senior pictures Katy Texas.  From trendy urban environments, to wide open landscapes that feel like they are a million miles from the city!  We search high and low for unique locations and unusual experiences they are going to love!

But we take senior portraits a bit farther...

Sports Senior Portraits Katy, Texas
Extreme Art senior portraits celebrate your child's passion!

We call these Extreme Art.  Each one is custom designed around your senior's passion. Sports, dance, music..whatever their passion - we help them celebrate it.

Since 2012 we have been creating the most unique senior pictures in Katy Texas and the Greater Houston Area.

But our fall calendar fills up fast.

Give us a call in the studio to learn more about our totally unique senior portraits or to schedule a complimentary portrait design consultation!

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