Sports senior portrats - Ice Skater | Houston | Katy Tx

Extreme sports senior pictures celebrate your passion for the sport.

You grew up on the ice.  You went to practice every day, competitions every weekend, and spent your free time thinking about music and choreography.  your friends identify you as an ice skater.  It's not just who you's your life.

This is the perfect description for this high school senior.  And you can bet she wanted to celebrate her accomplishments in her senior pictures.

Unlike some other sports, ice skating isn't just grit and brawn, it's also a graceful style and carefully choreographed movement.

For these extreme sports senior pictures, we had to capture both sides of the sport - the athleticism and the beauty.

Skating has been your life long passion, andThis beautiful young lady brought her A-game to this session!  Tough, gritty, and glamorous - this senior portrait captures the multi-faceted uniqueness of the sport.

All of our extreme sports senior pictures are 100% custom designed around your drive and your passion.  We've created these for dancers, musicians, athletes...both guys and girls.  And we can create a totally unique set of Extreme Sports Senior Pictures just for you.

Give us a call to schedule a complimentary, no obligate senior portrait design consultation where we can learn more about each other, and plan the perfect senior portraits for you.

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