Soccer Senior Pictures - Katy Texas

Extreme Sports Senior Pictures in Katy Texas


This high school senior wanted soccer senior pictures - to celebrate her passion for the sport.

With natural beauty and a healthy dose of brains you would think this Seven Lakes High School would be the perfect lady, and you are right!  But when she sets foot on the soccer field, she's all brawn.  And let's fact it, planting your face in the grass isn't exactly a skill they teach in "finishing school"!

To honor her passion for soccer, she wanted something different that the ordinary senior pictures in Katy Texas. So we collaborated and came up with this concept.  She's one of the first to get this style of extreme sports senior pictures.

We designed this extreme sports photograph  to show her dedication to, and love for soccer, and just like Chelsea, it's tough and gritty, but fun and exciting too.

We had so much fun during Chelsea's senior photo shoot.   She's relaxed and funny, and about the only time she didn't have a smile on her face is when we tried to get her "serious" look.  Some smiles just shouldn't be hidden!

As one of our Senior Models, Chelsea is participating in models-only photo shoots throughout the year.  This magazine cover is an exclusive Models-Only image.

Katy Texas Senior Pictures

It's always a great time when Chelsea is in the studio!  We can't wait to have her back for some of our Winter, models-only photo shoots!

-Sandy Flint

All of our sports senior pictures are custom designed from the ground up - and we base that design on you!  So when you're looking for creative and unique senior pictures in the Fulshear, Katy and Greater Houston areas, give us a call.  We'll be happy to sit down with you and discuss the possibilities!

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